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S.A. Locksmith & Security provides Access Control systems and professional installations for all types of access needs.

We install and program all types of access control systems. Furthermore, when our clients request our help and advice, we always evaluate the needs, and are able to provide the best system to fit the requirements.


S.A. Locksmith & Security, located in San Antonio, TX, specializes in providing security solutions for commercial and residential buildings since 2009. Our team of professionals can provide you with the most cost-effective solution to protect your facility and we are licensed and fully insured.

We offer complete turnkey access control solution including installation, maintenance, and repair.

San Antonio Locksmith & Security  specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects, but we often work on smaller projects as well.

Our mission is to provide quality products and customer service to our customers while maintaining integrity and honesty throughout the entire process.

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There are many old access control systems in commercial buildings, apartment complexes, and gated communities in the United States. However, many are limited when it comes to memory storage capacity, and some can only be programmed via a keypad. Therefore, the task of adding new residents and users to these systems can be very difficult and sometimes even impossible, because of system storage limitations. To help our clients even more, whenever a client is looking into replacing an old access control system with a new one, we always evaluate the old system’s existing wiring. When possible, we use as much of the existing wires for the new system. Of course, in most cases we need to run some extra new wires as well, but using some of the existing wiring brings the installation cost down. Many times, it bring the cost down significantly.

How to Choose a New Access Control System

Choosing the right access control system for your business can be a difficult task. There are many different models to choose from and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing one can be difficult.

In order to choose an access control system for your business, here is a list of questions you should ask yourself before making a decision.

1) What is the purpose of your access control system?

The purpose of an access control system is to provide a way for the company to limit who has permission to enter or use specific areas. This can be done by assigning a key, card, or alarm code to the individual.

2) What level of security do you need for your access control system?

In order to keep unauthorized people out, a business may want to install an access control system. There are various levels of security that can be used for this type of system. With a high level of security, unauthorized users will not be able to enter the building or access certain areas. With a medium level of security, the building is still accessible but there may be some restrictions on where an individual can go. With a lower level of security, authorized people will be able to enter the building, but no audit trail will be provided.

3) How many people need to be tracked?

This will determine the access control system specification

4) What type of card readers do you want?

There are two main types of card readers: Proximity cards and key fobs. readers use radio-frequency identification to read data from cards or key fobs without the need for a physical contact with the card.

5) Do you want any special features like biometric readers?

Biometric readers are designed to identify a person based on their biological features. This can be done through fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, or iris scanning. The user is asked to scan their finger, speak into the microphone or look at the camera which will then match them against it’s records in order to verify them as a person authorized for access.

In Summary:

We have the know how, the expertise and above all – trained and great technicians. As a result, we can install and program large scale systems with multiple control panels, relays, readers, transmitters, receivers and other devices the client may require. We do it fast, we provide high quality job, and we save money to our clients. Therefore, using Locksmith San Antonio for your access control job is a good choice!

Choosing the right Access Control System for your facility is very important. As a result, the right system will serve you for many years to come!

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