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S.A. Locksmith & Security provides Access Control systems and professional installations for all types of access needs.

We install and program all types of access control systems. Furthermore, when our clients request our help and advice, we always evaluate the needs, and are able to provide the best system to fit the requirements.

We install and support products by manufacturers such as:

There are many old access control systems in commercial buildings, apartment complexes, and gated communities in the United States. However, many are limited when it comes to memory storage capacity, and some can only be programmed via a keypad. Therefore, the task of adding new residents and users to these systems can be very difficult and sometimes even impossible, because of system storage limitations. To help our clients even more, whenever a client is looking into replacing an old access control system with a new one, we always evaluate the old system’s existing wiring. When possible, we use as much of the existing wires for the new system. Of course, in most cases we need to run some extra new wires as well, but using some of the existing wiring brings the installation cost down. Many times, it bring the cost down significantly.

In Summary:

We have the know how, the expertise and above all – trained and great technicians. As a result, we can install and program large scale systems with multiple control panels, relays, readers, transmitters, receivers and other devices the client may require. We do it fast, we provide high quality job, and we save money to our clients. Therefore, using Locksmith San Antonio for your access control job is a good choice!

Choosing the right Access Control System for your facility is very important. As a result, the right system will serve you for many years to come!

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