Gate operator – Access Control

Gate Operator for Sliding Gate, Video & Voice Intercom, Handicap Exit Button S.A. Locksmith & Security was awarded a project to install a slide gate operator, and intercom system to allow the main office to open the sliding gate remotely. In addition, there was a requirement to add a handicap exit switch plate to allow […]

Access Control Downtown San Antonio

Scope Of Work The scope of work was very different from many other jobs we were asked to perform. In this case, it was an historic building. The owner wanted to preserve the looks and character of the grounds as much as possible. All existing gates were manual, our task was to add automatic openers, […]

Vertical rod surface mount push bar

Locksmith San Antonio job at the “Howl at the moon” bar in downtown San Antonio Recently we did a job at a San Antonio downtown bar “Howl at the moon”. The customer had a Von Duprin vertical rod push bar, 35 series (3527a to be exact) without the rods, so the doors stayed unlocked all the […]

Bentley Key

Bentley Continental 2 doors Sport GT 2007 We are going to program a Bentley key by using the AR32 and the Tango systems. The EEPROM we are going to program is inside the KESSY module. As you can see in the photo the Bentley is using a VW KESSY module. In the two doors Bentley […]

Access Control – Case Study

Access Control  Case Study Project at glance: Client: Greystar Location: 2810 Hemphill Park, Austin Texas S.A. Locksmith & Security in San Antonio Texas was awarded an access control job in Austin Texas. The job was to replace two old tele-entry access control systems which controlled access to elevators, doors, pedestrian and parking garage gates, about […]

Locksmith Security Tips

Need some locksmith security tips for your home? Security is something we all could have a better understanding of. Expensive cameras and locks are certainly helpful when it comes to keeping safe, but there are always “smaller” things to consider as well when protecting your home. Read these locksmith security tips! It always helps to […]

Programming 600 Series Code Mechanical Lock

Programming CL600 Code Mechanical Lock Sam here again to show you how to program 600 Series Code Mechanical Lock! The 600 series are heavy duty locks which allow on door code change. Traditionally changing the code on mechanical locks required the lock to be removed from the door, but the CL600 allows changing the code without removing […]