Replace Ignition Switch for Cars and Trucks

When dealing with an ignition switch there are a number of ways you can tell if it’s damaged or broken and need to replace ignition switch. For instance, if the key won’t turn once the key has been inserted it can mean there’s a heavy load on the steering linkage.

If the ignitions turns on but the engine doesn’t crank it can be a bad ignition switch or a problem with the circuitry. If the ignition switch turns on and the engine cranks, but won’t start it can be an anti-theft fault, a problem with the fuel pump circuit, engine computer or ignition circuit. These are just some of the things that can happen with a broken or damaged ignition switch.

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We service all Car makes, models and years and we carry a large stock of parts. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced, licensed and insured. They are equipped with the most advanced tools and will be able to take care of any car ignition and car keys you may need. In some cases they can repair your faulty ignition switch and save you some money, it all depends on the reason the ignition switch stopped working and on it’s physical condition. Our technician will be able to evaluate it and give you his recommendations. We will do our best to take care of all your automotive needs for the best price possible.

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