Bentley Continental 2 doors Sport GT 2007

We are going to program a Bentley key by using the AR32 and the Tango systems.

The EEPROM we are going to program is inside the KESSY module.

As you can see in the photo the Bentley is using a VW KESSY module.

In the two doors Bentley Continental Sport GT the KESSY module is located under the carpet AT the driver side, not far from the pedals; you can feel it with your hand, you will feel a bump underneath the carpet.

To access the KESSY module, you need to remove the 4 bolts which are holding the driver’s seat. There are two bolts in the front and two bolts in the back. You do not remove the seat completely; there are several wire-harnesses connected at the bottom of the seat, so you want to be careful not to damage them. Just move the seat gently so you have enough room to remove the KESSY module from underneath the carpet.

Once you remove the KESSY module, locate the EEPROM. It is a 93C86, 8 pin chip located close to the largest chip, the microprocessor as seen in the following image:


The 93C86can be configured as 8 bit or 16 bit. Checking with an Ohm-Meter for a short between pins 5 and 6 of the chip can tell us how the chip is configured. If there is a short between pins 5 and 6 of the chip it is configured as 8 Bit. In our case, there was a short between pins 5 and 6 so the chip was configured as 8 bit.

Some recommend removing the chip completely from the board.  However, if you short the crystal, you should be able to read and program the chip in-circuit, without removing it from the board. We have confirmed it with the designer of the AR32.

If you are reading and programming the chip in circuit make sure to do the following:

  • Short the Crystal by soldering a wire across the 2 legs of the Crystal
  • Select device 93C86-8Bit from the AR32 library and press INS key (Insert).

If you are reading the device out of circuit select the device 93C86, not the 93C86-8Bit

Make sure all the switches are in the correct positions as shown on the computer display.

Once the file is saved (make sure you add the .bin extension) use the Tango to read the file.

Select the Bentley car from the Tango and load the bin file you read with the AR32.

If the Tango is able to read the bin file it means the file is good. If for any reason the file was not read correctly the Tango will display an error message saying it did not recognized the file.

After the Tango reads the bin file, select a key number (such as 3) place a transponder key inside the Tango slot and press W to write the file into the key (programming it). The Tango creates a new bin file and will ask to save the new bin file with a different name.

Now load the new bin file into the AR32 and write the new bin file back into the EEPROM. Place the KESSY module back in the car and start the car.

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