Locksmith Security Tips

Need some locksmith security tips for your home? Security is something we all could have a better understanding of. Expensive cameras and locks are certainly helpful when it comes to keeping safe, but there are always “smaller” things to consider as well when protecting your home. Read these locksmith security tips! It always helps to […]

Programming 600 Series Code Mechanical Lock

Programming CL600 Code Mechanical Lock Sam here again to show you how to program 600 Series Code Mechanical Lock! The 600 series are heavy duty locks which allow on door code change. Traditionally changing the code on mechanical locks required the lock to be removed from the door, but the CL600 allows changing the code without removing […]

Your Commercial locksmith in San Antonio

S.A. Locksmith and Security (210) 348-3677 At S.A. Locksmith and Security we strive to provide you with only the most Commercial locksmith services in San Antonio, Texas. Our San Antonio locksmiths are trained to the utmost degree, providing promising efficiency and talent. S.A. Locksmith and Security isn’t just like any other San Antonio Locksmith, we […]

Tips to Secure your Home!

The 4 Tips you Must Know to Secure your Home! S.A. Locksmith and Security (210) 348-3677 Is your home really safe? The 4 tips you must know for a secure home- Being a locksmith in San Antonio I know there are many things one can do to increase the security of their home, business or […]

Parking Safely in Public

Parking Safely in Public S.A. Locksmith and Security (210) 348-3677 For a big city like San Antonio security should always be on your mind when doing anything- and parking is no exception. When leaving your car unattended there are always risks to look out for. This is why parking safely in public is essential. When parking […]

Stop Losing Your Car Keys- S.A. Locksmith and Security

S.A. Locksmith and Security (210) 348-3677  It’s an issue some of us face every morning before work. You get dressed, eat your breakfast and head for your door- only to realize you’ve lost something. What’s that? Oh that’s right, your keys. Sound familiar? Being more organized is one obvious solution, but for some of us that’s […]

S.A. Locksmith & Security: Car Lockout

S.A. Locksmith & Security: Car Lockout Call us now at (210) 348-3677 to speak with a San Antonio locksmith professional. If there’s one thing to worry about here in San Antonio it’s the heat. With the strong possibility of heat stroke staying cool is a top priority. In the event that you experience a car […]