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Gate Operator for Sliding Gate, Video & Voice Intercom, Handicap Exit Button

S.A. Locksmith & Security was awarded a project to install a slide gate operator, and intercom system to allow the main office to open the sliding gate remotely. In addition, there was a requirement to add a handicap exit switch plate to allow handicap residents using a wheelchair or motorized scooters to exit the premises, since an exit loop can not not detect a wheelchair.

Also, the front desk needed to have an option to disable the handicap exit button.

Scope of work:

Installation of the following:

  • Gate operator for existing slide gate
  • In-ground exit loop
  • In-ground interrupt loop
  • Audio / Video intercom system at the entrance to the facility.
  • Gooseneck at the entrance for mounting the camera of the intercom system
  • Gooseneck at the exit for mounting the controlled handicap exit switch plate
  • Intercom monitor at the front desk

Products Used

  • Gate operator: Commercial DC Vehicular Slide Gate Operator
  • Brand: LiftMaster Elite Series
  • Model: CSL24UL
LiftMaster Gate Operator
LiftMaster CSL24UL Sliding Gate Operator


  • LiftMaster monitored retro-reflective photoelectric sensor Model LMRRUL
  • LiftMaster Monitored wireless edge kit (transmitter and receiver) Model  LMWEKITU
  • Intercom: Hands-Free Color Video Intercom
  • Brand: AIPHONE
  • Model: JOS-1F (camera)
  • Model: JO1MD (master monitor station)

Gate Operator & Access Control Components Installation

AC Power to Gate Operator:

The installation included providing 110VAC power for the gate operator. An electrician ran the power lines from the building to the location of the operator.

Concrete Pad for Gate Operator:

A concrete slab was needed to secure the operator. As we can see, the installation manual calls for:

“Attach the operator to the concrete pad with appropriate fasteners. The gate operator should be installed near the front roller of the gate or near the back of the gate (in the open position). The space between the gate and the output sprocket must be a minimum of 4 inches”

Video intercom:

We placed the Video intercom at the entrance of the gate. For that purpose, we installed a gooseneck and ran wires from the intercom to the gate operator and to the office. At the front desk at the office we installed the AIPHONE monitor and connected the wiring to the camera of the AIPHONE and the gate operator.

When visitors want to enter the facility, they drive up to the intercom and click the “Talk” button. The front desk personnel can see the visitors, talk to them, and if approved, press a button and open the gate for the visitors. The gate will close automatically after a set delay.

Photo of intercom camera at the entrance

Photo of Video intercom Monitor at office

Handicap Exit push-button:

Another requirement was to allow handicap residents with wheelchairs and electric scooters, to open the gate and exit the facility. Therefore, we installed an additional gooseneck at the inside of the  premises and installed a commercial handicap exit button.

When handicap people on a wheelchair or electric scooter wished to exit, they press the handicap exit button and the gate opens. We have also installed a switch at the front desk which allows disabling the handicap exit push-button.

Handicap Exit Button
Photo of Handicap Exit Button

Interrupt Loop:

The interrupt loop is on the outside of the gate.
This loop holds open gate at open limit
The Interrupt loop stops and reverses a closing gate
The Interrupt loop pauses Timer-To-Close at Open limit.

To install the Interrupt Loop we cut into the concrete and placed the loop wire inside. In addition, we sealed the cut with Sikaflex, a special sealant.

Exit Loop:

The interrupt loop is on the inside of the gate.
Opens the gate when a car is above it
Maintains, pauses Timer-to Close at Open Limit
Opens a closing gate and holds open an open gate.

To install the Exit Loop we cut into the concrete and placed the loop wire inside. We then sealed it with Sikaflex, a special sealant.

Exit Loop

Photo of Exit Loop

Safety Devices

The LiftMaster model CSL24UL was designed to work with at least two safety devices:

One for a gate opening and one for a gate closing.
Please note that the opener WILL NOT FUNCTION without these two safety devices installed!
In our installation we used:
IR sensor for gate closing safety: LiftMaster monitored retro-reflective photoelectric sensor Model LMRRUL.

Photo Electric Sensor

Edge sensor for gate opening safety: LiftMaster Monitored wireless edge kit (transmitter and receiver) Model  LMWEKITU

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