KABA MAS X10 parts before assembly

KABA MAS X10 sealed package

KABA MAS X10 arrives with a seal label from the factory with the warning: “This lock is a US government limited use item which must be shipped stored and installed as specified in federal standard 809”

The KABA MAS X10 lock components in its highly protective package

The sensitive components of the KABA MAS X10 are packaged in foam that protects against shocks and damage that might occur during shipment.

kaba mas x10 lock

KABA MAS X10 Dialing assembly

The interior of the KABA MAS X10 Dial Ring Assembly before installation

KABA MAS X10 mechanism

Close-up showing the fine electronic circuitry of the KABA MAS X10


KABA MAS X10 installed

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