Panic Bar Installation

In our web page ‘Panic Bar‘ we provided a general tip for panic bar installation:

Tip: Before panic bar installation:

The door should swing from the inside to the outside.

If the door swings from the outside to the inside – it is the wrong direction. You will have to install it in the opposite direction.

To make the change in the door direction, it is possible to flip the door frame. Sometimes it is easier than making new cut-outs for the hinges.

A panic bar can function only if the panic-bars side of the door swings out. The same push that releases the latch also pushes the door out, a one push operation.

Panic Bar Installation on Double Doors

Usually, panic bar installation on double doors will involve installing two vertical rod panic bar. One panic bar for each door.
Each panic bar on each door has two latches/bolts, one at the top of the door and one at the bottom of the door.

Tip for double door panic bar installation:

If you want to save money on panic bars and installation on a double door you always have a cheaper option:

You can install one panic bar on one of the doors, the other door will be kept locked all the time.The door that will remain locked will function as a ‘wall’ or a ‘door frame’ for the door with the panic bar installed.

This way, only one panic bar is installed on a double door.
You still have the option to open both doors in case you need to pass a large item through the doors. But in general, one door will be used for entry and exit using one panic bar.

Panic Bar Installation on Aluminum Glass Door

Aluminum is a very soft material, it is easy to mark and drill accurately, and also to make cutouts with high precision. However, it is very easy to make mistakes and mess up the threads.

Installing Hardware on Aluminum Glass Door

Important tip:

In order to do a clean and professional hardware installation that will last for many years, keep in mind the following:

The most important part of the hardware installation is the ‘Door Prep’, meaning clean and accurate drilling and cutouts.

Spend the time necessary to drill all the holes very accurately and make sure they are very clean. And make sure the cutouts are very accurate and clean. When you have done this, you have 90% of the job done.

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