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S. A. Locksmith & Security, your trusted partner in safeguarding what matters most. Our Safe Services in San Antonio ensures your valuables are protected around the clock. With expert locksmiths and a range of safe solutions, we provide expert solutions for both residential and commercial needs.

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S.A. Locksmith Safe Services & Repair

Protect your valuables with our reliable locksmith services. At S. A. Locksmith & Security, we understand the importance of protecting your assets. Our team of professional locksmiths in San Antonio specializes in safe service and repair, offering you peace of mind. Whether you need a new safe installation, combination reset, or safe lock repair, we’ve got you covered. 

Our locksmiths are experienced with a variety of safe types, from heavy-duty home safes to high-security commercial vaults. Consider us your ideal choice for all your security needs. Imagine a flawless secure installation in your business, protecting your important documents or easy access to your home, knowing your belongings are safe. S. A. Locksmith ensures your valuables remain safe by providing the best security services throughout San Antonio.

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Choosing S.A. Locksmith & Security means choosing the best safe services and repair experts in San Antonio. We know a lot about locksmithing and can fix safes in homes and businesses. Whether it’s a regular home safe or a fancy commercial vault, we can handle it. Problems like jammed bolts or electronic issues are no problem for us – we’ll make sure your safe works perfectly.

Our comprehensive service range, from resetting combinations to restoring worn-out mechanisms, sets us apart in San Antonio. Be it a classic wall safe or a cutting-edge digital vault, let our experts handle your security needs.

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Safe Services & Repair Safety Tips

Signs That Your Need Safe Services & Repair

Having a reliable safe is vital for the protection of your valuables. But like any security device, safes can wear down over time. Here are some signs your safe may need attention:

Difficulty Opening: If your safe isn’t opening smoothly or requires extra force, it’s a clear sign of a potential issue.

Old Age: Older safes might not offer the same level of protection as modern ones. If yours is showing its age, consider getting it checked.

Visible Damage: Dents, scratches, or any external damage can compromise the security of your safe.

Faulty Mechanism: If the lock mechanism isn’t working as it should, it’s time for a service.

Spot these signs early to ensure the continued safety of your belongings. Rely on S. A. Locksmith for expert service and repair.

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S.A. Locksmith Safe Services & Repair

S. A. Locksmith, your neighborhood expert in San Antonio, specializes in Safe Services & Repairs. Familiar with the unique needs of our city’s residents, we ensure your valuables remain secure. From restoring vintage safes to updating modern security systems, our knowledgeable team handles it all. Rely on our years of experience in the locksmith industry to safeguard what matters most to you in San Antonio.

S.A. Locksmith Safe Opening

At S. A. Locksmith, our expert team is adept at handling safe opening services throughout San Antonio. Faced with a locked safe? Our technicians approach every situation with precision, ensuring your valuables are accessible without damage. With years of experience, our specialists use the latest techniques to get safes open swiftly,  around the clock.


Safe was stuck in 'Lock' position.


Safe Lock Opened.


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S.A. Locksmith & Security is a full service, one stop locksmith service located in San Antonio, and serve the greater SA area. No project to big or complex, or too small. Call or request an estimate now!

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Providing you with a quality locksmith and security solutions for your auto, home, business, or emergency needs. A full service, one-stop, 24/7 locksmith service in the greater SA area. No project too big or complex, or too small for us. Call or request an estimate now!

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Winni C
Winni C
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I accidentally locked myself out from my own home and the only thing I had was my cellphone! But I called S.A. locksmith and security and a friendly young man named Saeed came to the rescue! He had a great personality and got the job done quickly and professionally. I would recommend anyone who locks themselves out to call this place! 5 stars!
Nicole Cruz (nixxsings)
Nicole Cruz (nixxsings)
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Super quick service! I bought a key for my Honda CR-V from Amazon and they had it cut and programmed within 20 minutes.
Ali Masoudi
Ali Masoudi
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Today we had an issue with our entrance door lock, called the company, they were responsive and fast, and then Ruben came over immediately and repaired our door lock. He was very attentive and did a very professional job. Even though he spent more than one hour, the cost of the service was inexpensive. So, we were so happy with the entire experience. Thanks Ruben.
Jonna Bozeman
Jonna Bozeman
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Saaed was great! He arrived on time, and gave updates on his ETA. He was so easy to work with, and was personable throughout the entire process. No one wants to need a locksmith, but this made the process much easier to handle!
Gilbert Vasquez
Gilbert Vasquez
Read More
I would highly recommend this business, Saeed was very friendly and knowledgeable of what he was doing. Quick response and clean work, thanks again
Jordyn Nicole (JordynWithAWhyy)
Jordyn Nicole (JordynWithAWhyy)
Read More
Hands down the best locksmith I’ve ever had to call. My dog somehow managed to lock the keyless deadbolt from the inside of my apartment and Saeed was able to save the day! He had a great attitude and was extremely attentive when measuring to make sure I wouldn’t have to worry about damage to my door. Extremely happy with the service and the fact that it only took an hour from first call to when it was finally unlocked! THANK YOU!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to provide service for home, automotive and other emergencies. We offer same-day service throughout the year.

We provide 90 days warranty on our parts and labor. In addition, all hardware we install come with a manufacturer warranty.  Also, we are licensed, bonded and insured so you can feel safe using our services!

We accept cash, check or all major credit cards. Please inquire directly with our team about any financing options we may be offering at the moment. 

Yes! All of our services and parts are fully insured and backed by industry-best protections.