Telephone Entry System

Tele Entry is a short for telephone entry. Tele entry system is part of access control system which uses a dedicated phone line and allows a resident in a gated community to open the gate using a a personal code, or allowing opening the gates remotely for visitors at the gate, by using a land line phone or a cell phone.

The Telephone entry system includes a telephone system (inside the Tele-Entry case), connected to a landline. A visitor can select a resident from the Tele Entry display screen and initiate a telephone call to the selected resident. The selected resident may answer the phone, press a digit (typically 9) and cause the gate to open.


Tele-Entry System

A Telephone-Entry system may also include a card reader allowing a resident to place his proximity fob or card next to the reader and open the gate.

In addition, a Tele Entry system normally comes with a keypad, allowing a resident or a visitor to punch a code and open the gate.

A more sophisticated system may also have a receiver allowing residents with dedicated transmitters to open the gate remotely.

A Tele- Entry system is only one component of a complete access control system. If you would like to view more access control terms, please visit our Access Control Glossary page.

Choosing the right Access Control System for your facility is very important. As a result, the right system will serve you for many years to come!

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