A dealer will charge you top dollar for replacing the computer in your car!

You don’t need to replace your car computer in order to make a key. We can reflash your existing computer and generate your key!

S.A. Locksmith & Security will make you
the key on the spot!

Toyota Key Reflash applies to these models:

If all car keys lost, the dealer will replace your car computer (Toyota ECU) in order to generate a key and will charge you top dollar!

But you don’t need to replace your car computer!

S.A. Locksmith & Security, can RE-FLASH your existing Toyota immobilizer and prepare the car to accept new keys, without having to replace the computer in your car. This will save you a lot of money!

Many times you will save more than 50% of the price asked by the dealer for a new computer installed.

Save by not having to purchase a new computer from the dealer! Call us now!

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