Transponer Key

Transponder Element
A typical Transponder Key Element

The word transponder is made up of two words: Transmitter and Responder.

You may be familiar with the word transponder as it relates to avionics. A transponder in an airplane receives pulses from the ground control tower and then replies with a set of coded pulses in order to identify itself.

A car transponder works in a similar way. When the key is turned in the ignition, the electronic chip that is mounted in the head of the key receives a set of pulses from the ECU (Engine Control Unit). In return, the transponder key replies with a set of coded pulses.

These pulses are evaluated by the ECU. If the pulses match with what the on-board-car-computer expected to receive, then the car will start, otherwise,  the car won’t start.

For more information about the transponders please check here: Transponder.

 After a new transponder key is made it has to be programmed to communicate with the car computer. To do so, S.A. Locksmith & Security technicians are using the latest locksmith programming equipment.

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