Types of Panic Bars

There are several types of panic bars. For general information about a panic bar please click the link.

Vertical Rod Panic Bar

A Vertical Rod Panic Bar looks the same as a regular panic bar.

However, the door locking mechanism is at the top and at the bottom of the door, instead of the standard horizontal lock latch at the center of the door.

The mechanism can be exactly the same mechanism as the horizontal panic bar, but with the exception of only few minor modifications.

These modifications allow the panic bar to activate a latch at the top of the door by using one rod, and activate a latch at the bottom of the door by using a second rod. This activation happens simultaneously, at the same time the panic bar is pushed.

Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bar

A Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bar is installed on aluminum glass door.  However, the aluminum frame is hollow and the rods can easily run inside the space of the frame.
There are only 5 main parts: one panic bar, two latches, two rods.
To learn how to install a concealed vertical rod panic bar please visit our webpage installing concealed vertical rod panic bar.

Panic Bar Lever Trim

The panic bar lever trim is the handle on the other side of the door, against the panic bar. In order to integrate with the panic bar mechanism, there is a tail piece. The tail piece is behind the panic bar trim lever or knob. This tail piece connects the lever in the exterior part of the door to the panic bar which is the interior part of the door.

The panic bar trim lever can have different functions. When you purchase a panic bar trim lever you can specify to the manufacturer the one you need.

The manufacturer provides the following panic bar trim levers:

Entry function
Store away function
Storage function

Most lever trim connect to the door surface with bolts or screws. However, some high end panic bars such as Von Duprin the bolt from the trim goes through the door to the panic bar in order to hold the door in a  bolted vice grip fashion.

Panic bars are parts of access control system. If you would like to learn about other components of access control please visit our Access Control Glossary page.

Choosing the right Access Control System for your facility is very important. As a result, the right system will serve you for many years to come!

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